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Laser Mounting & Translating Kit MDC-1000-13

The ML10/XL80 Laser Mounting & Translating Kit enables the Renishaw ML10/XL80 Laser to be mounted inside the machine on the machine's worktable. The ML10 cross slide assembly is attached to the mounting post using the handle supplied with the cross slide (as if attaching to a standard tripod.) The laser optics is then attached to the mounting blocks/posts supplied, forming a very rigid test bed for the laser and optics. This set-up makes it very easy to bend the laser beam upwards over the top of the laser head or down along its side.

This kit can also be used to perform laser diagonal measurement using the Renishaw Swivel Mirror. The swivel mirror is attached to the Linear Interferometer, which, in turn, is mounted to the block/post assembly. The laser beam is easily and quickly adjusted up over the laser head and maintained in the plane of measurement. For each subsequent diagonal, the entire assembly can be slid to the next diagonal position and the beam realigned.

The Laser Mounting & Translating Kit MDC-1000-13 consists of the following components:

1) One Laser Translation Plate
2) One Mounting Post Kit
3) Two Universal Mounting Block Kits
4) ML10 Tripod Adapter
5) XL80 Tripod Adapter

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