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Spindle Anti-Rotation Kit

The spindle anti-rotation kit is designed to enable placing laser optics or measurement gages into the spindle using a 5/8 ID Collet. Very often, when placing optics or gages into the spindle it is necessary to perform a spindle orient in order to fix the spindle orientation to one position. However, on some machines a spindle orient without activating a spindle speed will cause the spindle to vibrate. This vibration significantly affects the measurement accuracy and performance of any gage mounted into the spindle. In addition, some machines when pressing the control reset button will cause the spindle to free up. In this case the gage or optics must be removed in order to perform another spindle orient. With the Spindle Anti-Rotation Kit the spindle is left in the free rotating mode. The mounting post is inserted into the spindle using a 5/8 collet. The magnetic base is attached to the face of the spindle. By clamping the anti-rotation plate in position, a moment force is applied to the spindle preventing spindle rotation. The spindle Anti-Rotation Kit can be easily adapted for various measurements requirements as shown below. MDC-1000-18.

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