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Renishaw RX10 Rotary Calibrator

The RX10 Rotary Axis Calibrator features an extremely accurate (±0.5 arc seconds) Hirth coupling design. With its built-in calibration routine, set-up inaccuracies are easily eliminated. It permits fully automatic rotary axis calibration, operates in any orientation and interfaces to the PC via an RS232 serial port.

Indexing Table.
Control Unit.
Interface Cable.
RS232 Data Cable.
Mounting Plate.
Carrying case.
Users Guide.

Part Number A-8003-2297

Note: The RX10 is compatible with the HP5528 laser system when used with Renishaw Laser10 software and GPIB interface. For options and accessories for the Renishaw RX10 Rotary Calibrator go to Renishaw RX10 Accessories.

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