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Renishaw Machine Probing

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Renishaw Machine Probing

Beginning with the invention of the touch trigger probe in the early 1970s, probing has become accepted as the standard practice in the field of production engineering, revolutionizing CMM (co-ordinate measuring machine) and 3D measurements.

Probing eliminates the need for expensive fixtures and manual setting with dial indicators. Probes are spindle mounted on machine centers and turret-mounted on lathes, providing the following benefits:

• Reduced machine downtime
• Automatic fixture, part alignment and rotary axis set-up
• Elimination of manual setting errors
• Increased productivity and batch flexibility

Spindle and turret-mounted probes can also be used for in-cycle gauging and first off inspection – manual gauges rely on operator skill and the removal to CMMs is not always practical. Benefits include:

• In-cycle part measurement with automatic offset correction
• Increased confidence in unmanned machining
• First-off inspection with automatic offset updating
• Reduced machine downtime from awaiting fist-off results

Renishaw's broad product range covers inspection and tool setting applications on CNC (computer numerically controlled) machining centres, lathes and grinders, and manual milling machines.

MP10/MP11/MP12 Probes
The MP10 is a robust inspection probe for work piece set-up and work piece inspection on small to medium sized CNC machining centers.

The MP11 is designed for CNC milling applications, with manual tool change. The MP11 can be manually inserted into the machines spindle. The MP11 features an integral interface which processes signal between the probe and the CNC machines control.

The MP12 is a compact 3D touch-trigger inspection probe. It is designed for work-piece set-up and work-piece inspection on small to medium sized machining centers.

MP700 Probe
The Mp700 is a high accuracy probe using solid state strain gauge technology to sense contact between the stylus and the surface of the work-piece. The MP700 allows probing with low constant trigger force in any direction, after simple probe calibration.

OMP40 Probe
The OMP40 has been designed specifically to meet the demands for small machining centers and the growing field of high-speed machines fitted with HSK and small taper adapters. View product flyer here.

OMP400 Probe
The OMP 400 probe has been designed specifically for use on small high speed machining centers and mold & die applications, especially where size and high 3D accuracy measurement of complex surfaces is required. View product flyer here.

OMP60 Probe
The OMP60 Probe is an optical machining probe suitable for medium to large machining and mill-turn centers. Being compatible with existing OMM/MI12 and OMI receivers, the OMP60 can also be operated using the existing 'Legacy' optical transmission method. This enables current MP7, MP8, MP9, and MP10 system users to easily upgrade and benefit from its innovation features. View product flyer here.

RMP60 Radio Transmission Probe
The RMP60 Radio Transmission Probe is the first to use frequency hopping speed spectrum (FHSS) transmission and offer rapid part set-up and part verification on machining centers of all sizes. It is paired with the RMI interface, a combined transmitter and receiver unit. View product flyer here.

The Renishaw RMP600 is a compact, high accuracy touch probe with radio signal transmission, offering all the benefits of automated job set-up, plus the ability to measure complex 3D part geometries on all sizes of machining centres including 5-axis machines. The RMP600 successfully combines the patented RENGAGE™ strain gauge technology with the unique frequency hopping radio transmission system from the RMP60. View product flyer here.

Inspection Probes For Turning/Grinding Centers

LT02/LT03 Probe Holders (LT02/LT02T/LT03T/LT02S)
The LT02/LT03 series probes are designed for lathe applications and use a unidirectional optical transmission system. This requires the transmitter and receiver (OMM or OMI) to be approximately aligned when the probe is operated.

LP2/LP2H Probes
The LP2 and LP2H probes are high-performance compact probes suitable for inspection and tool setting applications. The LP2H has a higher spring force, allowing the use of longer styli. It has a greater resistance to machine vibration. The LP2 and LP2H are suitable for attaching to the LT03 and LT03 optical transmission systems, as well as those using inductive transmission. They can also be hardwired for grinding inspection applications.

The RLP40 is sealed to withstand the extreme environment of lathes and turning centres. A proven eyelid protection system prevents entry of swarf and chips that would cause damage to the internal components of the probe. The RLP40 is built to the highest of standards and offers a truly unrivalled combination of size, accuracy, reliability and robustness that will benefit its users through reduced set-up times, reduced fixture costs, reduced scrap and improved process control. View product flyer here.

CNC Machine Tool Setting:
Using slip gauges and entering offset data manually takes time and is prone to operator error. Tool setting probe systems are easily installed on machining centers and CNC lathes and allow automated operation with the following benefits:

  • Significant time saving with reduced machine downtime
  • Accurate tool length and diameter measurement
  • Automatic tool offset calculation
  • Elimination of manual setting errors
  • In-cycle tool breakage detection

Tool Setting and Broken Tool Detection Probes For Machining Centers

The NC3 is a compact 2-axis non-contact tool setting system, with broken tool detection capability. The NC3 offer improves repeatability, reduction in air consumption and an improved rapid tool-breakage detection cycle and with faster operation, gives great repeatability.

The NC4 is a flexible laser system, with ultra-compact laser tool setting transmitter and receiver units that can be mounted onto separate brackets, or as a single fixed unit. The NC4 allows fast, non-contact tool setting and tool breakage detection on machines previously unsuitable for such applications. View product flyer here.

Conventional non-contact broken tool detection systems depend on the laser beam being blocked (tool OK) or not blocked (tool broken). The TRS1, single-sided tool breakage detection, is different. It contains unique tool recognition technology that can distinguish between the tool or coolant and swarf. TRS1 responds to the pattern of light reflected from the tool, offering benefits over conventional systems. It is fast and reliable under real machining conditions.

Which probe is best for you?
MD Calibrations LLC can help you identify which probe would best suit your machine shop set-up or inspection needs. We make it easy with this helpful Questionnaire. Simply, fill this out and send it back to or fax to 717-828-6459.

A Renishaw probe communicates with the control system (CNC) of the machine on which it is fitted with the help of a transmission system. Renishaw probes use four main types of transmission systems. The detailed links will help you to identify the best transmission system for your machine tool.

CNC Machine Transmission/Receiving Systems:

  • Optical OMI/OMM/OMME
  • Radio RMI
  • Inductive IMM
  • Direct or “hard-wired”
  • OSI with OMM-2 (New Product)

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