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Renishaw Equator™ 300 Gauging System

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Renishaw Equator™ 300 Gauging System

The new Renishaw Equator is a versatile alternative to custom gauging, offering inspection of an unprecedented variety of manufactured parts. Alleviating the need for costly hard gauges, it is a software-driven comparative gauge. The Equator system is built around a programmable, parallel kinematic measurement unit that rapidly compares a newly machined part to a reliable dimensional master. MD Calibrations, LLC highly recommends the Equator™ because it can be used for multiple parts, switching between them in seconds, as well as reprogrammable for many other parts throughout its life.

The Equator is not only highly repeatable but its MODUS™ software presents the operator with results in the form of dimensional data. Periodically measuring the master corrects for any drift in the precision of the process due to environment. With Comparison Uncertainty* of ± 0.000080 inches (± 0.002mm), the Equator was designed for companies who are fanatical about quality.

*The process of measuring on an Equator involves defining a series of gauge points on the component surface. Periodic calibration of a master part on a CMM establishes datum values for each gauge point. The same gauge points on the same master Part are measured on the Equator, ‘Mastering’, to establish a correlation with the certified CMM. Subsequently, a regular ‘re-mastering’ process is used to account for changing environmental conditions.

Equator™ 300 gauging system

• 6 port stylus changing rack allowing the unit to switch styli automatically for complex parts
• SP25 probe system with two SH25 stylus holders
• Two styli; 21mm length/5mm ball diameter and 75mm length/8mm ball diameter
• One fixture plate based on each customer's individual requirements
• Stop button or joystick kit for manual functions

Equator™ 300 Controller Options
• Equator 300 Controller with MODUS™ Organizer
• Equator 300 Controller with MODUS™ Organizer and MODUS™ Equator

Equator™ 300 Controller Accessories
• Fixture Plates
• Fixture Plate spacers
• Signal Tower
• I/O Interface Unit

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