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QuickViewXL™ Productivity+-

Productivity+™ Release 1.85

Productivity+™ is a PC based software solution providing an easy-to-use platform for incorporating simple measurement functionality and more advanced in-process intelligence into machining programs. It can simplify a wide range of measurement and process control tasks, such as component set-up and part verification, and aids process development in the following key areas:

  • Predictive process setting - performing simple tests to ensure that a machining process will be successful
  • Active in-process control - using the probe to measure features and update machining process based on the results obtained
  • Informative reporting - providing information about the in-process state of a component, and about the decisions that were made when producing it

Productivity+™ creates programs which run entirely on the machine tool, including all the calculations, updates and logic which are needed - so no external PC is required to process measurement data. A wide range of machine tools are supported including 3-, 4- and 5-axis (table/table and knuckle-jointed (nutating) table) machines.

MD Calibrations can assist you if you have an existing copy of Productivity+™ and wish to upgrade to the latest version. Also, contact us for further information on the new features available in the latest release or for an overview of the full functionality provided by the software.

Productivity+™ Provides

Point-and-click feature selection - based on a wide range of CAD models

Tool setting - speed up tool change and avoid damaged tools (Renishaw tool setting macros required on the CNC)

Part set-up and inspection - auto-correct machining cycles

Intelligent decision-making - allowing active, in-process control with program adjustments and machine updates

On-machine verification - reduce production time

Probe cycle programming - PC based solution, therefore avoiding machine downtime

Program verification - to increase confidence and reduce risk of machine or probe crash

Process tracking - with the addition of Renishaw CNC Reporter

Productivity+™ Key Benefits

Adding to the comprehensive functionality provided by previous versions, Productivity+™ version 1.85 adds:

  • Extended multi-axis machine support - in addition to 3-axis and multi-axis table/table machines, Productivity+™ now also provides support for multi-axis machines with knuckle-jointed (nutating) table configurations
  • Post program reporting - report structures are now consistent across all supported controller formats. New style reports, including feature type and name are particularly useful when exporting data to external software packages for further analysis
  • Custom macro capability - custom macros, the functionality allowing the creation and addition of bespoke solutions into Productivity+™ routines has been extended allowing their results to be used to perform positional and rotational machine updates
  • Constructed features - building on the existing suite of Constructed Features (Point, Circle, Plane) it is now possible to generate Constructed Line features from existing measurement data
  • 64-bit compatibility - for the first time Productivity+™ applications are available in 64-bit versions
  • Solid model colors - select and replace solid model body colors for enhanced on-screen clarity
  • Visualization speed - a new slider tool for in-sequence adjustment of visualization speed

Productivity+™  Release 1.85 Literature (PDF Format Downloads)

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