Machine Tool Calibration, Certification, Compensation, services for leadscrew compensation, performance verification, high accuracy machine tools


Key Personnel

President and Founder: Michael E. Denomme

Mike (Michael) Denomme is the President and Founder of MD Calibrations, LLC. Mike earned his engineering degree from Roger Williams University, and has acquired over 25 years of invaluable, diverse experience in the machine tool industry. Mike is an experienced engineer with in-depth knowledge in Visual Cadd and Visual Basic Programming. As Engineering Manager at MD Calibrations, Mike has designed many products enhancing the capabilities of those calibrating machine tools. He has also written programs in Visual Basic capable of generating CNC control programs for various machine tool controls as well as a propriety program capable of generating control compensation data from the Renishaw Laser measurement software captured data file.

Mike is a senior member of The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and a member of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Office Manager: Jeanne Denomme

Jeanne Stetkiewicz Denomme is proud to be the Office Manager of MD Calibrations, LLC. Her personal mission is to make our customers, agencies, and any liaised organizations feel secure while using us for their professional calibrations services and ordering parts for machine tools. She is determined to effectively service our customers in a timely manner and is committed to answer all customer questions fully hoping to go beyond customer expectations. Jeanne organizes office operations and oversees that the office is working efficiently while documenting all communications and share office knowledge with the rest of the management team. As the Office Manager she excels at data entry, record keeping, and coordinating multiple tasks like inventory maintenance, training personnel, and implementing procedures in the office.

Jeanne has 20 years of office manager experience and always looks for ways to improve operations while keeping our customers first and foremost.
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