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GTI Spindle iPad Vibration Analyzer

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GTI Spindle iPad Vibration Analyzer

Finally, an analyzer so intuitive that anyone can use it. It can email, print, create reports, search the web for bearing defects, and even has full oscilloscope capabilities.

MD Calibrations LLC provides machine tool builders, Distributors, and end users with calibration services and equipment. You can not afford to pass up starting your predictive maintenance program.

New iPad Vibration Analyzer Demo for GTI Spindle (Youtube)

Complete Predictive Program includes:

  • MDC-1000-42 iPAD Vibration Analyzer
  • 16 GB iPAD with 3G capability (all native iPad applications)
  • BlueTooth Keyboard with oil/water resistant Storage Case
  • Spindle Scope Software Application
  • Full FFT signature graph from 0 to 24khz
  • Measuring in Acceleration (Gs) or Velocity (in/sec)
  • Internal/external accelerometer switch
  • Wireless transmission of data captured
  • Full listing of top ten frequencies in order of highest amplitude (velocity and Acceleration)
  • Data Save function – .txt File, and .csv File
  • Settings functions for- Axis scales, cursor options, spectrum data on/off and background color(white or blue)
  • Spectrum options- 7 data windows, 3 averaging choices and frequency resolution 1hz to 50hz

MD Calibrations LLC is an Authorized Distributor of Renishaw Metrology Products. Contact us for up-to-date pricing on the world's finest, most accurate measurement equipment.


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