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MDC-2000-121 Stainless Steel Magnetic Base with 45⁰ offset adapter for the Reference Spheres

Ceramic Reference Spheres

MD Calibrations offers 4 standard size Ceramic Calibration Spheres with overall lengths ranging from 130mm to 145mm. The Sphere diameters are between 15mm and 30mm.

The shaft and stem of these calibration spheres are stainless steel and the Ceramic Spheres are Grade 6.

The shaft of the calibration sphere is etched with a serial number. Each Sphere is supplied with a calibration certificate

DK L DG SW Part Number
15.0 130.0 24.0 22.0 MDC-2000-122
20.0 130.0 24.0 22.0 MDC-2000-123
25.0 140.0 24.0 22.0 MDC-2000-120
30.0 145.0 24.0 22.0 MDC-2000-124

The standard thread on the base of the shaft is M8. The threads can be adapted to M6 or M10 by use of a small adapter. The M6 adapter is 29.0mm tall while the M10 adapter is 30.0mm Tall.

M8 internal to M6 External MDC-2000-125
M8 internal to M10 External MDC-2000-126
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