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Renishaw CappsNC Software

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Renishaw CappsNC Software

CappsNC is a powerful metrology software engine which allows users to perform CMM style verification and inspection cycles on CNC machine tools. Save time and money by verifying critical part dimensions before removing the part from the machine.

Measure and master on the same machine!

It offers on machine metrology, allowing operators to correct problems before they occur and produce a final inspection report similar to a CMM. Companies can verify first cuts on their CNC machine to reduce setup time and scrap, and save money. It can be used for reverse engineering, multiple (5+) axis probe calibrations and measurements.

NC Programming

  • Programming from CAD models, CappsNC generates CMM style inspection cycles compatible with 3, 4, 5-axis machine tools.
  • Automatically generates probe paths for 2D and 3D prismatic features (circles, slots, spheres, cylinders, taurus, and cones) or free form surfaces.
  • Graphically simulate inspection programs before execution on the CNC machine.
  • Calibration cycles available to support Renishaw kinematic and strain gauge probes.

Advanced Alignment

It can improve advanced alignments, offers a “best fit” solution, 5 axis auto indexing, mold and die applications, and production applications, and allows for improvements in quality.

  • 3-2-1, MGP (Tooling Balls), and Best Fit
  • Use advanced alignment macros to align your data or send a work offset back to the CNC.

CappsNC Software

The software also will predict and provide information for preventative maintenance procedures prior to catastrophic failure. It offers complete statistical process control data collection at the machine and automatic part and tool offset options.

Though the software does offer high precision and improved capabilities, it is not meant to replace the need for a CMM, but to reduce the dependency on a CMM by bringing the metrology closed loop directly into the manufacturing system.

CappsNC collision avoidance system virtually eliminates the possibility of unplanned contacts between the Machine Tool Probe and the work piece. This will save time and money by eliminating the need to replace a damaged Machine Tool Probe.

CappsNC point and click interface makes probing of complex parts fast and simple. Using the Cad Model, the programmer/operator simply selects the features he wants to probe. CappsNC generates the Machine G Code program including clearance moves.

Stop relying on your CMM to sort good parts from bad. With CappsNC, the probability the parts coming off your machines are to print improves exponentially. 

CappsNC Literature (PDF Format Downloads)

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