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At MD Calibrations, we have the equipment and the know-how to perform on-site Machine Tool Calibration, Characterization and Leadscrew Compensation. Using proprietary software we can calculate a machines Volumetric Error Estimation (V Double E) by performing parametric testing and analysis. Our measurement equipment includes the Renishaw Gold Standard ML10 Laser Measurement System, the Renishaw RX10 Rotary Calibration System, the Renishaw QC10 Telescopic Ball Bar, the A.G. Davis Off-Axis Calibration System, and the Mahr Federal Electronic Levels/Gages.

Capabilities Measurement -

  • Linear Positioning (Laser)

  • Linear Repeatability (Laser)

  • Linear Periodic Error (Laser)

  • Linear Reversal Error (Laser)

  • Rotary Positioning (Laser)

  • Rotary Repeatability (Laser)

  • Rotary Periodic Error (Laser)

  • Rotary Reversal Error (Laser)

  • Trunion Axis Positioning (Laser, Levels)
           [Trunion Mounted Rotaries or Spindles]

  • Trunion Axis Repeatability (Laser, Levels)
           [Trunion Mounted Rotaries or Spindles]

  • Trunion Axis Reversal Error (Laser, Levels)
           [Trunion Mounted Rotaries or Spindles]

  • Trunion Axis Periodic Error (Laser, Levels)
           [Trunion Mounted Rotaries or Spindles]

  • Geometry (Roll, Pitch, Yaw - Laser, Levels, Gage)

  • Axial Straightness (LVDT)

  • Axial Squareness (LVDT, Ballbar & Laser)

  • Laser Diagonal Performance (Laser)

  • Contouring Performance & Performance Diagnostics (Ballbar)

  • Surface Flatness (Electronic Levels)

  • Servo Response (Laser)

  • Spindle Squareness (LVDT)

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