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*The C4 Service Plan _ The Four C’s of Machine Tool Performance

Machine Tools today are complicated and expensive investments for any company. When purchasing a new or used machine it is a good idea to have a plan. Your plan should include how you intend to protect your investment in order to obtain positive return on investment. At MD Calibrations we embrace the “Cradle to Grave” philosophy. The overall objective is to maintain maximum performance and minimum downtime. This is achieved through applying C4, “The Four C’s of Machine Tool Performance”.

C3 _ Calibration

The next step is machine calibration. This consists of running a number of tests on the linear and rotary axes using traceable calibration devices. During calibration it is important to select a national or international standard that the entire calibration test will be in compliance with. The calibration equipment must itself be calibrated at the interval recommended by the OEM. At MD Calibrations we use the Renishaw Line of Machine Tool Calibration Equipment which includes the XL80 Laser, XR20 Rotary Calibrator and the QC20 Telescopic Ball Bar. For our standard method we use the ISO-230 standard as our reference for the collection, analysis and display of data. Five bi-directional runs are performed recording positions at 1/10th of the linear axes and every 15 degrees on rotary axes and 10 degrees on Trunnion axes. While ISO-230 is our standard method for calibrations, we can also perform calibrations to ANSI/ASME B5.54, ANSI/ASME B5.57, ISO-10791 and ISO-13041. These standards typically refer back to ISO-230 for the methods of data acquisition and analysis. Machine Calibration of a 5 axis machine consists of running the following tests as a minimum;

X, Y and Z axis Linear Positioning
X, Y and Z Periodic Error
XY, YZ and ZX Contouring Performance
A & C Rotary Positioning
A & C Rotary Periodic Error
XYZ Laser Diagonal Test (Optional and only performed if requested by the customer)

Machine Tool CalibrationMachine Tool Calibration can be performed on new machine installations to demonstrate that the accuracy purchased is the accuracy received, or it can be performed on an annual or semi-annual basis to track machine capability or performance degradation due to wear.

Leadscrew compensation files may be updated or optimized during calibration to ensure you are getting the best possible accuracy from your machine tool investment.

Machine Tool Calibration is rapidly becoming an integral part of the manufacturing process. ISO Registration mandates that all equipment and processes used as part of the quality process be calibrated and the process documented.

We provide on-site machine tool calibration services including the issuance of a calibration certificate demonstrating traceability to national or international standards. In compliance with ISO-230, our calibration certificates are accompanied by a fully documented Summary Report that include laser setup instructions, environmental probe locations, machine setup parameters, and copies of all test results.

Click on the links below to view an example of our ISO-230 Calibration Certificate with Summary Report including the statements of uncertainty.

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At MD Calibrations, we have experience working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's), Machine Tool Distributors, and End Users. We understand the unique requirements of each and work to satisfy their individual needs. Contact MD Calibrations today to discuss your machine tool calibration needs and to find out how we can meet them.

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